It is important to feed your child a balanced diet. Aiming for 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables per day is the recommended serving for a perfectly balanced diet to improve health. You can buy fruit and vegetable packs targeted at children with fun shapes and designs to appeal to them. By incorporating fruit and veg into their diet from a young age, they will become accustomed to the taste, which avoids fussy eating.


Family Exercise

Exercising as a family can make activities seem more fun and motivating. This could be home-workouts, walks, cycling etc. When everyone gets involved, kids will find it more enjoyable, and they will view it as a fun activity rather than a chore. This also helps parents to become healthier too!

Play Time Importance

Letting your child free their imagination and creativity with daily play times is essential. Playing games and interacting with other kids is a key part in the growth and development of a child and aids their mental health. Even when children are playing on their own, this also teaches them to be comfortable with themselves and less reliant on others.


A Good Bedtime Routine

Sleep is key for young children (and adults!). Sleep allows our brains to reset and our bodies to recharge for the next day. It is important for children to go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up a reasonable hour too. Try to have the same bedtime every night to create a healthy routine and pattern.


Value Their Feelings And Emotions

It is important to teach children how to express their emotions. They should understand that it is OK to feel sad, angry, frustrated. Communication is key when it comes to teaching your child about feelings and emotions. Be reassuring to them that they can open up and talk about how they are feeling at any time.