Scotland is home to a fantastic early childhood education curriculum with great nurseries in many locations throughout. Nurseries in Scotland pride themselves on their quality environments, educational spaces and activities, as well as their reputable image. It is crucial for a nursery to have the best staff with skills and experience to deliver a quality education to every child. The teaching is what will impact a child’s ability to learn and develop new skills and understandings. Here is what it takes to make a good nursery teacher in Canniesburn nursery facility:

Knowledgeable And Skilled

The first step to becoming a nursery teacher is a quality education in this field. At college/university you will learn the basics of teaching, as well as child health, wellbeing, and some parts of psychology. The practical work will usually consist of creative practices such as delivering educational activities to the children to keep them intrigued, entertained, and learning. A nursery teacher must be knowledgeable in their field, as they are constantly juggling several different children.


Patience And Communication

Having a child of your own has proven to be stressful at times. When you are juggling more than 1 child each day, it is vital to have great patience and communication skills. At nursery, you are aiming to set an example for children and to show them what healthy communication looks like. This is especially important for emotional relationships.

Energetic And Ambitious

Children have a lot of energy, and it is important to match that. You want to bring life to your environment and encourage children to be themselves, as well as explore their imagination and creative mind. You want to sound engaging and interesting when teaching to ensure they are intrigued. It is also important to set an example of ambition, and to show children that they are capable of anything!



Each teacher should have lessons and activities planned in advance. Staying organised is a key skill for this role. A nursery can be a stressful environment and there is always a lot going on at the one time. Being organised can decrease some of the stress and ensure there is a plan in place to stick to.

Compassionate And A Good Listener

It is not uncommon for children to turn to their nursery teachers with issues that they may be facing. Children can be sensitive and emotional, and it is important to understand this and show as much compassion as possible as well as keeping a logical, calm approach. You should have the ability to listen to all children when needed and make them feel like they can be open and honest.


Final Words

A nursery teacher is a very hard-working but rewarding job role. You have the opportunity to learn several skills and build strong relationships. In addition, you can free your creative mind and teach children the same mindset in this role. If you feel like you have the skills mentioned above, it may be worth pursuing this career path.