The book “Modern Parenting: A Practical Guide to the Development of Our Children” by Emma Smith addresses some tough issues regarding modern parenting. One of the topics that comes up time and again in this text is gender selection. Many people are already aware that the techniques for selecting the gender of your children have changed a lot over the years. In the past there was very little movement from two gender norms that human beings fall into, but in recent times things have changed, some might say for the better and some might say for the worse.

Smith addresses how this relates to how we understand gender selection and why we feel the need to keep these methods a secret. She also talks about how the public school system tends to push a lot of these techniques onto children. She says that there needs to be a better balance between public schooling and home schooling as this is the only way to give your children a real education on things outside the school curriculum, like sex, gender, morals and lives other hard issues.

This is not a book that is written for mothers alone, but for all concerned with modern parenting. If you are trying to conceive or having troubles with your own child, you may find some value in this text. It is not a book that deal with all aspects of raising children, but it is rather a book that give you some great ideas on how to be a more effective parent. It can be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their parenting skills.