We all know that kids love technology in all shapes and sizes. iPads, Tvs, laptops and phones all seem to play a part in children’s lives, and these devices are tools that can be used for good or bad. One thing is for sure, they love the time they spend on these devices, but since they are so new to our lives, how do we know the long term effects of them? The truth is we know a little, like the fact that the blue light from these devices is stronger than all other forms of visible light, and that it can affect our eyes and even our sleeping pattern. If you are a parent, anything that affects your child’s sleep is probably the worst thing ever to you. Luckily there are a few solutions that can help, like dark mode filters, screen protectors and blue light glasses.

What Are Blue Light Glasses?

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Blue light glasses have been making waves recently, and while they are a relatively new product, they are showing a lot of promise for modern-day people. Blue light glasses are special specs that look like any other pair of glasses except they have a special filter that blocks the high energy blue light from entering the eye. They are usually worn by office workers, gamers and those who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

Why They Are Perfect For Kids

Blue light blocking glasses are perfect for children because they tend to focus a lot on screens and devices. Since kids born in the last 10-15 years are now being referred to as ‘technology natives,’ they pick up new technology very quickly and learn a lot from devices and screens. Another reason that blue light lenses are ideal for kids is that they can block out other distracting visual components from the TV or computer screen. When a person gets excessive amounts of blue light, then the result can be dry tired eyes and disrupted sleep. Blocking out this light can help to improve a person’s eyesight while still enjoying the digital media experience.

Hours In Front Of Screens

Not surprisingly, kids also have specific viewing preferences as to what they want their eyes to be exposed to while they are in the products. It is common for kids to have various TV and computer screen time hours, and often these hours will include blue light exposure. The good news is that there are products available that will either reduce the exposure time needed to get a good visual effect, or that can be set up to block out the entire spectrum of UV light. If you choose the latter, then it is recommended that you also provide an alternative way to manage their computer screen time, such as allowing them to play games online while their eyes are not being exposed to the sunlight.

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Finding The Right Size

In order for your kids to wear a good pair of blue light blocking sunglasses, you need to ensure that the sunglasses or contacts fit properly. A child’s head is quite small, and fitting a standard size lens is important. If the company manufacturing the products does not fit your kids’ head size, they are not providing a good pair of glasses. It may also be a good idea to make sure that the glasses fit using a glasses size guide like this one, which means you can get a pair that fits properly.


While you can take measures to reduce the amount of blue light your kids see at night, it might be impossible to completely eliminate the amount of natural light they are exposed to during the day. In order to keep their eyes from being susceptible to damage from too much sun, your kids should get a good pair of sunglasses with a high SPF rating and a broad-angle to allow them to block out the widest part of the UV spectrum. For those that spend a lot of time outdoors, or children that love to play outdoors, consider a model that has a high level of UV blocking. In order to get the most out of your blue light sunglasses for kids, you should make sure they are stored properly. Make sure that the lenses are stored inside a case so they will not be subjected to the elements. You can also store them in ziplock bags to keep them from getting wind chaffed.

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