Recently myself and my family were on our travels heading north up to Edinburgh, In Scotland. Prior to our departure from London we participated in a Heathrow PCR booking to ensure that our onward travel was safe and that none of us had contracted covid 19. Overall it was an interesting experience which gave me a better understanding of the travel protocols and restrictions which are in place for travellers from across the world.

Organisation Of PCR Test Booking Heathrow

One of the best things I found when we were travelling , was simply the ease of access and organisation that was present at Heathrow airport. The entire Heathrow pcr test process from start to finish was just made so easy and manageable. This was maybe partly because prior to travelling I decided to arrange our Heathrow PCR test booking  online knowing that its almost always best to book things a little bit in advance.

These were offered and supplied by a leading Pharmaceutical company. The process is fast and effective with results deliverable by email or any other format required. This was a pleasant surprise as at the start of the global pandemic, myself and my family found it extremely difficult to be able to travel anywhere whether for business or holidays, largely due to the overall lack of Heathrow PCR test booking available at that moment in time.

Other Observations At The Airport

Whilst the PCR testing and queuing appeared to being going pretty well at Heathrow, the passenger locator forms were a bit off a faff. There were a lack of forms to be completed. A lot of the time staff at the airport where ensure of the criteria of these forms and whether or not they had to be filled in for domestic flights. I completely understand the need and necessity for these important forms, but I just feel like that aspect of travel and health protection measures could have been arranged and managed a lot more effectively overall.

To highlight this issue, I left feedback on the Heathrow website detailing my experience and that of other customers. And while I was critical of the locator forms, I made sure to give plenty of praise to the Heathrow PCR test booking process and how easy it was all made online, that really helped to make my trip far more pleasant and low hassle.

Being A Good Parent When Travelling

Lets be honest, we’ve all been there, its raining, you’re late for the flight and your kids are complaining about being up so early and not having anything to do. Whilst this may be the nightmare scenario for some of this, I always do my best to look on the bright side of things and to take positive steps in order to ensure that they are happy. This often comes down to buying them food or comic books to keep them amused on the long journey ahead.

Also be sure to reassure them about mask wearing and covid control measures at airports, even for adults all the health, security and protection measures can be a little daunting and even overwhelming at times!