High School Habitat and Watershed Studies

The high school Habitat Studies and Restoration program continues every two weeks for eight months beginning in October to May. Students are now engaged in advanced field work in two habitats/ecosystems – Grassland and Watershed. The watershed study focuses on why the Steelhead trout is a threatened species in our local watersheds.


They will analyze the habitat condition of each and propose science questions as to how the areas or species can be restored. Science and Chemistry teachers and graduate students are involved in guiding students as they develop a scientific-based restoration plan in answer to the question posed. They will perform soils and water analysis; research the natural history of the habitat and develop a proposed restoration plan; they document and report their findings and results at the end of the eight months. High school students will learn how to mentor the middle school and elementary students participating in the seed bank and middle school grassland programs.


View recent habitat studies field work by high school and middle school students.