Teachers and EE Providers

Do you have environmental education project or program ideas? Do you need resources? Do you want to sign up for the third grade programs at the Reserve? Would you like to explore how your school district, charter school, or youth service agency could participate in our Environmental Education Pathway programs?  Do you need environmental education programs at your site?


boysWe are in the process of reaching out and building up ways to provide and support environmental education programs, projects and resources in our community.  If you have an idea, a proposal or a request for an environmental education project that we may be able to help you with, let us know by email.  Indicate Program Inquiry in the Subject line of your email. Our Education Committee will review all inquiries and respond. 


Register for Third Grade Outdoor Field Trip & Third Grade Outreach at the Reserve (Click here)


Environmental Education Initiative Curriculum Guidelines (Click here)


Next Generation Science Standards (Click here)


CREEC Region 10 (Online resource information for EE providers) (Click here)


Kids Love Animals (Click here)

Kids are inherently interested in the nature around them. With Animal games and Nature games kids are able to gain knowledge while having fun playing with wild animals and exploring nature.


Outdoor Games for Kids, Nature Activities for Children & more!

Our fun outdoor games for kids and nature activities can provide your child with a gateway into the natural world. In this free site you will find games, activities, stories, nature books, wilderness skills, creative teaching ideas, and much more.


Nature Activities for Kids (Click here)

When you try nature activities for kids, you can get your hands dirty while learning something new about the planet. Conduct experiments indoors or out to find out more about how Mother Nature works.


Nature Explore (Click here)

Nature Explore is a complete research-based program of fun, effective resources to help educators, families, and others working to connect children with nature.