4th & 5th Grade Seed Bank Studies

In the third grade component, the students became acquainted with the threatened and endangered plants and animals that are found at the Reserve and in other similar open spaces. They were introduced to habitats and some natural science terminology.


Seed_bank_boxesThe next step in the pathway for 4th and 5th graders is to begin to understand ecosystems at the Reserve, especially the grassland areas and the native plants that comprise grasslands.


They learn how open space and grasslands disappear and how native plants, mammals, birds and insects create an intricate web of life. The lesson starts with learning how to identify native from non-kids_with_plantsnative plants. They discuss how the non-native plants can take over the native plants.They harvest native seeds from the Reserve and grow them in their classrooms and keep a journal of the process of harvesting, planting, monitoring and transplanting.


Students also learn that removing native species (plant and/or animal) from an ecocystem is like taking rivets out of an airplane wing; it is impossible to know which one will be the last one that was holding the whole thing together.