MIddle School Grassland and Watershed Restoration

Middle School Grassland Restoration

The grassland restoration program takes place over an eight-month period beginning in October and concluding in June.  The same classes of students return approximately every three weeks for half-day field work instructed and mentored by teachers, Naturalists and Botany graduate students from the University of California Riverside. 


HSRP---Learning-to-Transect-Students gain awareness of how environments and habitats become altered and endangered and how that affects our world. They are allowed to go off trail in search of a grassland plot on the Reserve in need of restoration. The learn how to articulate elements of the section such as its soil and plant condition; and the number and type of native and non-native plants. They research the different techniques for restoring a grassland and set about to develop a plan and conduct the actual work associated with the restoration.  In the process the learn field biology/ecology techniques and science techniques. 


Those students who participated in the 5th Grade Seed Bank Study, and now entering the feeder middle school, will be mentored to share their experience of identifying, growing and analyzing native plants. 


Elementary & Middle School Watershed – Trout in the Classroom


Students become acquainted with local watersheds including Cole Creek located on the Reserve.  They begin to lean about the water quality of these local watersheds and how that quality affects the survival of animal life in the water habitat and along the creek beds.


This program includes a Trout in the Classroom (TIC) component that is interactive and takes place in the classroom and at a local reservoir.  TIC is an environmental education program in which students

  • raise trout from eggs to fry,
  • monitor tank water quality,
  • engage in stream habitat study,
  • learn to appreciate water resources,
  • begin to foster a conservation ethic and
  • grow to understand ecosystems.

The program includes the releasing of trout in the nearby Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir.

View the most recent TIC activities and trout release at E. Hale Curran school.